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Title: Improved resolution on the ANSTO microprobe and its application
Authors: Siegele, R
Reinhard, MI
Ionescu, M
Kachenko, AG
Cohen, DD
Keywords: ANSTO
Beam analyzers
Ion sources
PIXE analysis
Issue Date: 25-Nov-2009
Publisher: Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE)
Citation: Siegele, R., Reinhard, M., Ionescu, M., Kachenko, A. & Cohen, D. D.(2009). Improved resolution on the ANSTO microprobe and its application. Poster presented at the 16th Conference on Nuclear & Complementary Techniques of Analysis, AINSE, Lucas Heights, 25-27 November 2009.
Abstract: One of the main aims of microbeam analysis is to achieve small spot sizes while maintaining sufficient target current. Larger target currents result in shorter measurement time and higher sensitivity for trace elements. The main factors that lead to high target currents, beside the focusing quadrupoles are the brightness of the ion source and the beam transmission through the accelerator. Using a higher brightness ion source and improving the beam transmission we have been able to to improve the resolution of the ANSTO heavy ion microprobe and considerably increase the target current. We will report on the the improved resolution and demonstrate its application in both μ-PIXE and IBIC application. With a higher brightness source, we achieved a resolution of 3 μm for μ-PIXE, while much a better resolution is possible for imaging techniques such as IBIC. The higher beam currents also allow mapping of trace elements with shorter measurement times. We will demonstrate the improved resolution on elemental maps of tissue samples from metal-hyperaccumulating plants. Individual cells can clearly be resolved in the elemental images. A resolution of approx. 1 μm has been achieved for imaging techniques such as IBIC and has been used for characterization of microdosimeters. With this resolution we were able to image devices with an active volume of 2 μm. © 2009 AINSE
Description: This paper is only available in print format. The Conference Proceedings are held by ANSTO Library, DDC number 543.1/11.
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