15th International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
On behalf of the AMS-15 Organising committee, we would like to thank you for attending the 15th International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry. Held as an online event for the first time, the 2021 conference attracted over 300 attendees with presentations delivered by colleagues and professionals from around the globe.Applications of AMS to the world’s most pressing problems/questions: A-1 : Earth’s dynamic climate palaeoclimate studies, human impacts on climate, data for climate modelling. A-2 : Water resource sustainability groundwater dating, hydrology, water quality and management A-3 : Living landscapes soil production, carbon storage, erosion, sediment transport, geomorphology. A-4 : Catastrophic natural events volcanoes, cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, space weather, mass extinctions. A-5 : Advancing human health metabolic and bio-kinetic studies, bomb-pulse dating, diagnostics and bio-tracing. A-6 : Challenges of the nuclear age nuclear safeguards, nuclear forensics, nuclear waste management, nuclear site monitoring, impacts of nuclear accidents. A-7 :Understanding the human story archaeology, human evolution and migration, history, art and cultural heritage A-8 : Understanding the cosmos fundamental physics, nuclear astrophysics, nuclear physics AMS Research and Development: T-1 : Novel AMS systems, components and techniques T-2 : Suppression of isobars and other interferences T-3 : Ion sourcery T-4 : New AMS isotopes T-5 : Advances in sample preparation T-6 : Data quality and management T-7 : Facility Reports (Poster Presentation only)
Mass spectroscopy, Accelerators, Meetings, Earth planet, Water, Sustainability, Soils, Ground water, Geomorphology, Radioactive waste management, Isotopes, Nuclear physics, Tsunamis, Weather
Bertuch, F., Child, D., Fink, D., Fulop, R., Hotchkis, M., Hua, Q., Jacobsen, G., Jenkinson, A., Levchenko, V., Simon, K., Smith, A., Wilcken, K., Williams, A., Williams, M., Yang, B., Fallon, S., & Wallner, T. (2021). Program and abstracts, 15th International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, November 15th - 19th, 2021, ANSTO, Sydney. Retrieved from: https://ams15sydney.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/AMS-15-Full-Program-and-Abstract-Book-R-1.pdf