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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2021Conversion of OPAL from U3Si2 to High Density U–Mo Fuel. Annex IIIBraoudakis, G; Villarino, EA
Aug-2019Benchmark consolidated results against experimental data from SPERT IV staticsDay, SE; Day, SE; Braoudakis, G; Braoudakis, G; Wong, L; Wong, L
Feb-2015OPAL nuclear reactor: experimental dataBraoudakis, G
Feb-2015OPAL nuclear reactor: reactor specificationBraoudakis, G
Aug-200910Be concentrations in snow at Law Dome, Antarctica following the 29 October 20 and 20 January 2005 solar cosmic ray eventsPedro, JB; Smith, AM; Duldig, ML; Klekociuk, AR; Simon, KJ; Curran, MAJ; van Ommen, TD; Fink, D; Morgan, VI; Galton-Fenzi, BK
12-Jul-2017Modern to Glacial Age subglacial meltwater drainage at Law Dome, coastal East Antarctica from topography, sediments and jökulhlaup observationsGoodwin, ID; Roberts, JL; Etheridge, DM; Hellstrom, JC; Moy, AD; Ribo, M; Smith, AM
1995Interface phenomena in synroc, a titanate-based nuclear waste ceramicVance, ER; Ball, CJ; Blackford, MG; Day, RA; Lumpkin, GR; Smith, KL; Hart, KP; McGlinn, PJ; Thorogood, GJ
1-Jan-2011Ellsworth Subglacial Lake, West Antarctica: a review of its history and recent field campaignsRoss, N; Siegert, MJ; Rivera, A; Bentley, MJ; Blake, D; Capper, L; Clarke, R; Cockell, CS; Corr, HFJ; Harris, W; Hill, C; Hindmarsh, RCA; Hodgson, DA; King, EC; Lamb, H; Maher, B; Makinson, K; Mowlem, M; Parnell, J; Pearce, DA; Priscu, J; Smith, AM; Tait, A; Tranter, M; Wadham, JL; Whalley, WB; Woodward, JC
25-Jan-2022Cultural heritage project at Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)Salvemini, F; White, R; Levchenko, VA; Smith, AM; Pastuovic, Z; Stopic, A; Luzin, V; Tobin, MJ; Puskar, L; Howard, DL; Davis, J; Avdeev, M; Gatenby, S; Kim, MJ; Grazzi, F; Sheedy, K; Olsen, SR; Raymond, CA; Lord, C; Richards, C; Bevitt, JJ; Popelka-Filcoff, RS; Lenehan, CE; Ives, S; Dredge, P; Yip, A; Brookhouse, MT; Austin, AG
1-Oct-2014The science of the Kelly gang's armour: distilling fact from fictionThorogood, GJ
1-Oct-2014Appendix 2: Metal crystallographyThorogood, GJ
5-Apr-2022Reducing uncertainties in live monitoring of radiation in wildlifeCresswell, T
Jun-2005Building a future on knowledge from the past: what paleo-science can reveal about climate change and its potential impacts in AustraliaHarle, KJ; Etheridge, DM; Whetton, P; Jones, R; Hennessy, K; Goodwin, ID; Brooke, BP; van Ommen, TD; Barbetti, M; Barrows, TT; Chappell, J; De Deckker, P; Fink, D; Gagan, MK; Haberle, SG; Heijnis, H; Henderson-Sellers, A; Hesse, PP; Hope, GS; Kershaw, P; Nicholls, N
25-Mar-1998Accelerator mass spectrometry ultrasensitive analysis for global scienceTuniz, C; Kutschera, W; Fink, D; Herzog, GF; Bird, JR
30-Jul-2010Biomedical applications of accelerator mass spectrometryFifield, LK; Fink, D
1-Jan-2006Slow, patchy landscape evolution in northern Sweden despite repeated ice sheet glaciationStroeven, AP; Harbor, J; Fabel, D; Kleman, J; Hättestrand, C; Elmore, D; Fink, D; Fredin, O
21-Aug-2006Characteristic cosmogenic nuclide concentrations in relict surfaces of formerly glaciated regionsStroeven, AP; Harbor, J; Fabel, D; Kleman, J; Hättestrand, C; Elmore, D; Fink, D
7-Apr-2021Glacier development in continental climate regions of central AsiaBatbaatar, J; Gillespie, AR; Koppes, M; Clark, DH; Chadwick, OA; Fink, D; Matmon, A; Rupper, S
7-Apr-2020Late Pleistocene glaciers and climate in the High Atlas, North AfricaHughes, PD; Fink, D; Fletcher, WJ
2021Facing the challenges of food fraud in the global food systemSammut, J; Gopi, K; Saintilan, N; Mazumder, D
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 64