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Title: Calculated K, L, and M shell X-ray line intensities for light ion impact on selected targets from Z=6 to 100
Authors: Crawford, J
Cohen, DD
Doherty, G
Atanacio, AJ
Keywords: Atomic number
Light ions
Computer calculations
X radiation
PIXE analysis
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2011
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Citation: Crawford, J., Cohen, D., Doherty, G., & Atanacio, A. (2011). Calculated k, l and m-shell x-ray line intensities for light ion impact on selected targets from z=6 to 100 (ANSTO/E774). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.
Series/Report no.: ANSTO External Reports;
Abstract: A computer code to calculate the K, L, and M α, β and γ X-ray line intensities, KLMabgRatios, is described together with the input tables used to calculate these intensities for light ion bombardment of targets with atomic numbers from Z=6 to 100. The KLMabgRatios program was written with the main aim of updating the 1980’s data files used up till now (Clayton AAEC M113/1986), with more recent experimental and theoretical datasets published in the last 2 years or so. Preferred recommended K, L and M X-ray line intensities for light ion impact on selected targets for atomic numbers between Z=6 and 100 are given for 8 K lines, 17 L lines and 22 M lines as well as their corresponding ωK, ωL and ωM total shell fluorescence yields. In addition a program, wexplore, has been written to carry out Gaussian fits to experimental K, L and M X-ray spectra to better determine L and M X-ray production subshell cross sections for light ion bombardment. A section on the use of this wexplore program is also included in this report.
Gov't Doc #: 3771
ISBN: 1921268131
ISSN: 1030-7745
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