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Title: Plans for AMS dating at Lucas Heights
Authors: Smith, AM
Bird, JR
Fink, D
Shying, M
Shahgholi, N
Keywords: ANSTO
Mass spectroscopy
Measuring instruments
Ion sources
Carbon 14
Issue Date: 29-Jan-1991
Publisher: Australian National University
Citation: Smith, A. M., Bird, J. R., Fink, D., Shying, M., & Shahgholi, N. (1991). Plans for AMS dating at Lucas Heights. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the Fourth Australian Archaeometry Conference, Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, 29-31 Jan 1991. In: Fankhauser, B. L. & Bird, J. R. (eds) Archaeometry: current Australasian research, Occasional papers in prehistory, No. 22, 114-118.
Abstract: A refurbished tandem accelerator has been installed at ANSTO for which a major role will be the use of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) techniques for measurements of 14C and other radioisotopes such as 10Be, 26Al, and 41Ca. The tandem accelerator is being upgraded with recent advances om accelerator technology aimed at achieving a terminal voltage of 10 MV and other performance features needed for first-rate AMS measurements. Dual ion sources will be used, one being a high intensity source which will be suitable for difficult isotopes such as 10Be, 26Al, and 41Ca, as will as for high throughput in radiocarbon measurements. The second source will be dedicated to high precision radiocarbon measurements with minimum cross-contamination and memory effects. Computer control systems will be used to facilitate high precision measurements on standards and unknowns. In the longer term it is hoped to develop a gas ion source to permit 14C measurements on Co2 obtained directly from field samples. The facility is expected to commence a measurement services in 1992. Sample preparation facilities are being developed concurrently at Lucas Heights and at other places such as radiocarbon laboratories, with special attention to minimising the possibility of contamination of samples at the ultra-low levels which can be measured by AMS (isotope ration of the order of 10-15).
ISBN: 0731515412
ISSN: 0725-6965
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