Determination of the residual stress field around scratches using synchrotron x-rays and nanoindentation.

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Trans Tech Publications
The residual strain field around the scratches of 125µm depth and 5µm root radius have been measured from the Synchrotron X-ray diffraction. Scratches were produced using different tools in fine-grained aluminium alloy AA 5091. Residual stresses up to +1700 micro-strains were measured at the scratch tip for one tool but remained up to only +1000 micro-strains for the other tool scratch. The load-displacement curves obtained from nanoindentation were used to determine the residual stresses around the scratches. It was found that the load-displacement curves are sensitive to any local residual stress field present and behave according to the type of residual stresses. This combination of nanoindentation and synchrotron X-rays has been proved highly effective for the study of small-scale residual stresses around the features such as scratches. © 2020 by Trans Tech Publications Ltd.
Residual stresses, Damage, X-ray diffraction, Crack propagation, Fatigue, Synchrotrons
Khan, M. K., Fitzpatrick, M. E., Edwards, L. E., & Hainsworth, S. V. (2010). Determination of the Residual Stress Field around Scratches Using Synchrotron X-Rays and Nanoindentation. Paper presented to the 5th International Conference on Mechanical Stress Evaluation by Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation, MECA SENS V/3rd International Symposium of Quantum Beam Science Directorate of Japan Atomic Energy Agency. In Materials Science Forum, 652, 25–30. Trans Tech Publications, Ltd. doi:10.4028/