Alternative method for Cu-64 radioisotope production

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The method for 64Cu production based on a 64Ni target using an 18 MeV proton energy beam was developed. The studies on the optimisation of targetry for the 18 MeV proton bombardments were performed in terms of the cost-effective target utilisation and purity of the 64Cu product. The thickness-specific 64Cu yield (μCi/(μA×μm)) was introduced into the optimisation calculation with respect to cost-effective target utilisation. A maximum target utilisation efficacy factor (TUE) was found for the proton energy range of 2.5–13 MeV with corresponding target thickness of 36.2 μm. With the optimised target thickness and proton energy range, the 64Ni target thickness saving of 45.6% was achieved, while the overall 64Cu yield loss is only 23.9%, compared to the use of the whole effective proton energy range of 0–18 MeV with target thickness of 66.6 μm. This optimisation has the advantage of reducing the target amount to a reasonable level, and therefore the cost of the expensive 64Ni target material. The 64Ni target electroplated on the Au–Tl multi layer coated Cu-substrate was a new and competent design for an economic production of high quality 64Cu radioisotope using an 18 MeV proton energy cyclotron or a 30 MeV cyclotron with proton beam adjustable to 18 MeV. In this design, the Au coating layer plays a role of protection of “cold” Cu leakage from the Cu substrate and Tl serves to depress the proton beam energy (from 18 MeV to the energy optimised value 13 MeV). The ion exchange chromatographic technique with a gradient elution was applied to improve the 64Cu separation with respect to reducing the processing time and control of 64Cu product quality. © 2009, Elsevier Ltd.
Copper 64, Isotope production, Ion exchange chromatography, Proton beams, Energy range, Cyclotrons
Le, V. S., Howse, J., Zaw, M., Pellegrini, P., Katsifis, A., Greguric, I., & Weiner. R. (2009). Alternative method for Cu-64 radioisotope production. Paper presented to the 6th International Conference on Isotopes (6ICI), 12th - 16th May 2008. Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel: Seoul, South Korea. In Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 67(7-8), 1324-1331. doi:10.1016/j.apradiso.2009.02.069