Doping of ZnO thin film with Eu using ion beams

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Trans Tech Publications
Modification of electric and magnetic properties of ZnO thin films was achieved by low energy Eu ion irradiation. The desired doping levels as well as the depth distribution of the dopant was controlled by the ion energy and the ion flux, following a simulated interaction between the doping ion and the host ZnO matrix of epitaxial ZnO (0001) films of approximatelly 200nm, grown on c-Al2O3 by PLD. The properties of the doped ZnO film depend in a critical way on the homogeneity of the doped ions throughout the entire film. The doping levels and the depth distribution of dopants were measured by elastic recoil detection analysis (ERDA). The results show a uniform depth distribution of Eu, as well as some level of Al diffusion from the substrate and the presence of some low levels of H, N and O. PACS code: 68.49Sf; 74.78Bz.
Thin films, Zinc oxides, Europium, Irradiation, Doped materials, Magnetic properties
Ionescu, M., Photongkam, P., Yu, D., Siegele, R., Li, S., & Cohen, D. D. (2010). Doping of ZnO thin film with Eu using ion beams. Paper presented to the International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (Thermec' 2009), 25th – 29th August 2009. Maritim Hotel: Berlin, Germany. In T. Chandra., N. Wanderka., W. Reimers., & M. Ionescu. (Eds.), Materials Science Forum, 638-642, 2962-2969. doi:10.4028/