Dating, mass spectrometry and nuclear science: a proposed new facility at Lucas Heights.

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Australian Atomic Energy Commission
It is proposed that the AAEC install a high-technology, multi-user facility based on an 8 MV tandem accelerator to provide new capabilities in the following fields: (a) Radioisotope dating and ultra-sensitive trace element determination in isotope hydrology, salinity, sedimentology, erosion, actinide transport and materials studies. (b) Physics studies for the development of methods of applying nuclear materials safeguards, the provision of neutron dosimetry standards, measurements of precision data for radiation interactions, and the development of new methods for radioisotope dating. (c) Development of nuclear and ion beam techniques with applications in occupational health, biomedicine, materials modification, industrial problems and other fields. (d) Special requirements for accelerator-based radiocarbon dating of geological and archaeological samples not provided by other laboratories, coordinated by the Australian National University. These primary objectives include collaborative projects with the Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics (BMR), the NSW Water Resources Commission (NSWWRC) and, under the auspices of the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science Engineering (AINSE), with Australian universities and other advanced educational institutions. Existing inter-regional programs in hydrology and neutron physics would also be served by the proposed facility making possible an expansion in the scope of joint projects with other countries in the SE Asian region.
Mass spectroscopy, Age estimation, AAEC, Accelerators, Radioisotopes, Neutron dosimetry
Bird, J. R., Airey, P. L., Boldeman, J. W., Cohen, D. D., Duerden, P. (1984). Dating, mass spectrometry and nuclear science: a proposed new facility at Lucas Heights (AAEC/DR15). Lucas Heights, NSW: Research Establishment, Australian Atomic Energy Commission.