2nd generation microdosimeter with guard ring: an IBC study

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Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE)
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) micro dosimeters have recently been used to successfully measure the radiobiological properties of mixed radiation fields typical of medical, space and radiation protection environments. These SOI devices consist of a 2D array of elongated parallelepiped diode structures. Charge collection studies have revealed that due to the electric field distribution within the planar SV, there are significant lateral charge diffusion effects which complicate charge collection and give rise to a less than ideal chord length variance. © 2009 AINSE
This paper is only available in print format. The Conference Proceedings are held by ANSTO Library, DDC number 543.1/11.
Microdosimetry, Silicon, Electric fields, Electric charges, Semiconductor diodes, Ion beams
Ziebell, A. L., Hu, N., Lai, N. S., Lim, W. H., Reinhard, M. I., Prokopovich, D. A., Siegele, R., Dzurak, A. S. & Rosenfeld, A. B. (2009). 2nd generation microdosimeter with guard ring: an IBC study. Paper presented at the 16th Conference on Nuclear & Complementary Techniques of Analysis, AINSE, Lucas Heights, 25-27 November 2009.