Medium Energy Spectroscopy (MEX) - sample environments and supporting infrastructure

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
The Medium Energy Spectroscopy (MEX) beamline aims to facilitate a wide variety of ex- and in-situ experimental work from a variety of research areas. As such, we will provide a number of sample environments as standard set-up, in addition to ancillary equipment that can be used with custom or BYO sample environments. Sample environments will likely include; room temperature cell, electrochemical flow cell, micro-fluidic cell, flammable gas cell, furnace with gas environments,and a battery testing cell. In addition, supporting infrastructure and ancillary equipment will likely include; flammable and toxic gas handling (flow and pressure control), gas and vapor ventilation, electrochemical testing station (Autolab or similar), fluid (gas or vapour) syringe pumps with pressure monitoring. Most, if not all, of the sample environments and supporting infrastructure will be controlled with the beamline systems, enabling integration and triggering for maximum achievable automation of experiments.© 2021 The Authors
Spectroscopy, Research programs, Beams, ANSTO, Ambient temperature, Measuring instruments
Lamb, K., Glover, C., James, S., Finch, E., & Wykes, J. (2021). Medium Energy Spectroscopy (MEX) - sample environments and supporting infrastructure. Presentation to the ANSTO User Meeting 2021, Online, 24-26 November 2021. Retrieved from: