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Title: [18F]Fluorination optimisation and the fully automated production of [18F]MEL050 using a microfluidic system
Authors: Matesic, L
Kallinen, A
Wyatt, NA
Pham, TQ
Greguric, I
Pascali, G
Keywords: Fluorination
Positron computed tomography
Temperature range 0400-1000 K
High-performance liquid chromatography
Radiochemical analysis
Issue Date: 6-Jun-2014
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Citation: Matesic, L., Kallinen, A., Wyatt, N. A., Pham, T. Q., Greguric, I., & Pascali, G. (2015). [18F] Fluorination optimisation and the fully automated production of [18F] MEL050 using a microfluidic system. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 68(1), 69-71. doi:10.1071/CH14130
Abstract: The [18F]radiolabelling of the melanin-targeting positron-emission tomography radiotracer [18F]MEL050 was rapidly optimised using a commercial continuous-flow microfluidic system. The optimal [18F]fluorination incorporation conditions were then translated to production-scale experiments (35–150 GBq) suitable for preclinical imaging, complete with automated HPLC–solid phase extraction purification and formulation. [18F]MEL050 was obtained in 43 ± 10 % radiochemical yield in ~50 min. © 2015 CSIRO Publishing.
Gov't Doc #: 8806
ISSN: 1445-0038
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