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Title: Ion beam analysis, positive matrix factorisation and wind back trajectories, tools for M2.5 fine particle research in Australia
Authors: Atanacio, AJ
Stelcer, E
Cohen, DD
Keywords: Ion beams
Charged-particle activation analysis
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2011
Publisher: The Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand
Citation: Atanacio, A. J., Stelcer, E., Cohen, D. D. (2011). Ion beam anlaysis, positive matrix factorisation and wind back trajectors, tools for PM2.5 particle research in Australia. 20th International Clean Air and Environment Conference (CASANZ 2011), 31 July-2nd August 2011, Auckland, New Zealand.
Abstract: ANSTO have performed long-term PM2.5 particle collection and analysis at locations covering a range of demographics including urban, rural and industrial sites in Australia and Asia. As a result, ANSTO has established a uniquely extensive number of fine particle datasets. The collected samples have been analysed using a combination of nuclear Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) techniques, positive matrix factorisation (PMF) and wind back trajectories (WBT). These techniques not only determine the quantitative concentrations of key elements in the collected aerosols, but also provide significant information on source fingerprints, source contribution to total pollution on a local scale, and source long-range transport. In addition, the analysis of long-term datasets can often reveal significant short-term aerosol events that only become evident when viewed in context of the long-term trends for that location. This paper summarises the complimentary IBA, PMF and WBT analysis methods used at ANSTO for extracting quantitative chemical composition and source apportionment from large PM2.5 aerosol data sets. Specific examples resulting from long-term analysis of fine particle collected at the Wollongong, Sydney and Newcastle sites over the past 12 years (1998 – 2010) is used to highlight each technique. © 2011-Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand
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