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dc.contributor.authorWyllie, HAen_AU
dc.identifier.citationWyllie, H. A. (1992). Correction for intrinsic and set dead-time losses in radioactivity counting (ANSTO/E701). Lucas Heights, NSW:Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.-
dc.description.abstractEquations are derived for the determination of the intrinsic dead time of the components which precede the paralysis unit in a counting system for measuring radioactivity. The determination depends on the extension of the set dead time by the intrinsic dead time. Improved formulae are given for the dead-time correction of the count rate of a radioactive source in a single-channel system. A variable in the formulae is the intrinsic dead time which is determined concurrently with the counting of the source. The only extra equipment required in a conventional system is a scaler.en_AU
dc.publisherAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisationen_AU
dc.subjectCounting techniques-
dc.subjectMeasuring instruments-
dc.subjectDead time-
dc.titleCorrection for intrinsic and set dead-time losses in radioactivity countingen_AU
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