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Title: Deep level transient spectroscopy of y-ray induced defects in germanium
Authors: Pearton, SJ
Williams, AA
Tavendale, AJ
Keywords: Germanium
Gamma spectroscopy
Semiconductor detectors
Issue Date: Dec-1980
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Pearton, S. J & Tavendale, A. J & Williams, A. A. (1980). Deep level transient spectroscopy of Y-ray induced defects in germanium (AAEC/E-502). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission Research Establishment.
Abstract: Deep level transient capacitance spectroscopy has been used to examine γ-ray induced defect centres in germanium crystals grown under widely varying conditions. A deep acceptor level at Eν + 0.38 eν has been observed for the first time in all p-type samples; this was removed by annealing at 675 deg C for three hours. A new deep donor level at Eс - 0.42 eν observed in n-type material was not removed by this procedure.
Gov't Doc #: 188
ISBN: 0642596999
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