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Title: The effect of grain size and dislocation density on the tensile properties of Ni-SiCNP composites during annealing
Authors: Yang, C
Huang, HF
Thorogood, GJ
Jiang, L
Ye, XX
Li, ZJ
Zhou, XT
Keywords: Burgers vector
Grain size
Tensile properties
Nickel compounds
Issue Date: 12-Feb-2016
Publisher: Springer Nature
Citation: Yang, C., Huang, H., Thorogood, G. J., Jiang, L., Ye, X., Li, Z., & Zhou, X. (2016). The effect of grain size and dislocation density on the tensile properties of Ni-SiCNP composites during annealing. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 25(3), 726-733. doi:10.1007/s11665-016-1938-2
Abstract: The grain size refinement, enhancement of mechanical properties, and static recrystallization behavior of metallic nickel-silicon carbide nano-particle (Ni-3wt.%SiCNP) composites, milled for times ranging from 8 to 48 h have been examined. One set of Ni-SiCNP composite samples were annealed at 300 °C for 250 h, while the other set of samples were maintained at room temperature for control purposes (reference). The electron backscatter diffraction results indicate that the grain size of the annealed Ni-SiCNP composite was refined due to grain restructuring during static recrystallization. The x-ray diffraction results indicate that low-temperature annealing effectively reduced the density of dislocations; this can be explained by the dislocation pile-up model. Additionally, the tensile tests indicated that the annealed Ni-SiCNP composite had a significant increase in strength due to an increase of the Hall–Petch strengthening effect with a slight increase in the total elongation. The decrease of dislocation pile-up in the grain interiors and the increase in grain boundary sliding are assumed to be the main mechanisms at play. The relationship between the microstructural evolution and the variation of tensile properties is examined in this study. © 2016 ASM International. Published by Springer Nature.
ISSN: 1059-9495
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