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Title: Insights into Li ion batteries using in-situ neutron powder diffraction
Authors: Sharma, N
Peterson, VK
Elcombe, MM
Avdeev, M
Studer, AJ
Kamarulzaman, N
Keywords: Neutron diffraction
Phase transformations
Lithium ion batteries
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2010
Publisher: Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (DECHEMA)
Citation: Sharma, N., Peterson, V., Elcombe, M., Avdeev, M., Studer, A. J., & Kamarulzaman, N. (2010). Insights into Li ion batteries using in-situ neutron powder diffraction. Paper presented at 1st international conference on materials for energy, Karlsruhe, Germany, 4-8 July 2010.
Abstract: We apply in-situ neutron diffraction to investigate charge/discharge processes in a commercially available rechargeable lithium ion battery, LiCoO{sub 2}/C. Phase transformations are observed in both layered LiCoO{sub 2} and spinel-type LiCoO{sub 2} as Li is removed and re-inserted during electrochemical cycling. Similarly, the graphite anode exhibits behaviour in accordance with Li insertion/extraction.
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