Magnetic properties of the S = 1/2 antiferromagnetic spin-chain α - Cu2V2O7

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American Physical Society
Magnetic properties of the S = 1 / 2 antiferromagnetic spin-chain, α - Cu2V2O7, have been studied using magnetization and neutron scattering measurements on powder and single-crystal samples. Magnetic susceptibility reveals a Curie-Weiss temperature of Θ = -73.2(9) K with a magnetic phase transition at TN = 33 K while the Bonner-Fisher fit to the magnetic susceptibility for T >TN with magnetic field perpendicular to the crystallographic a - axis yields the intra-chain coupling of |J|/k = 46.0(2) K. Small ferromagnetism below TN is due to spin-canting caused by Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions. Analysis of the neutron diffraction data reveals that the Cu2+ spins are coupled antiferromagnetically along zigzag chains, which run alternately along [011] and [01-1] directions. The ordered moment of 0.925(3) μB is predominantly along the a - axis. Our recent inelastic neutron scattering, which reveals atypical magnetic excitations centered at commensurate wave vectors (0, +/-0.25, 0) around the magnetic zone center, will also be discussed. © 2021 American Physical Society
Antiferromagnetism, Magnetic properties, Neutron diffraction, Magnetic susceptibility, Phase transformations, Spin
Gitgeatpong, G., Zhao, Y., Avdeev, M., Piltz, R., Sato, T., & Matan, K. (2015). Magnetic properties of the S = 1/2 antiferromagnetic spin-chain α - Cu2V2O7. Paper presented at APS March Meeting, March 2–6, 2015, San Antonio, Texas. In Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 60(1). Retrieved from