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Title: Incommensurate magnetic structure in the cubic noncentrosymmetric ternary compound Pr5Ru3Al2
Authors: Makino, K
Okuyama, D
Avdeev, M
Sato, TJ
Keywords: Magnetic susceptibility
Neutron diffraction
Transition elements
Rare earths
Issue Date: 8-Jun-2016
Publisher: The Physical Society of Japan
Citation: Makino, K., Okuyama, D., Avdeev, M., & Sato, T. J. (2016). Incommensurate magnetic structure in the cubic noncentrosymmetric ternary compound Pr5Ru3Al2. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 85(7), 073705. doi:10.7566/JPSJ.85.073705
Abstract: Magnetic susceptibility and neutron powder diffraction experiments have been performed on the noncentrosymmetric ternary compound Pr5Ru3Al2. The previously reported ferromagnetic transition at 24 K was not detected in our improved-quality samples. Instead, magnetic ordering was observed in the DC magnetic susceptibility at Tc≃3.8 K. The neutron powder diffraction experiment further indicates that an incommensurate magnetic structure is established below Tc with the magnetic modulation vector q≃(0.066,0.066,0.066) ©2016 The Physical Society of Japan
ISSN: 0031-9015
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