Control of time-dependent buckling patterns in thin confined elastomer film

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Materials Research Society
Low energy metal ion implantation has been used to combine an easy “bottom-up” way of creating and tuning different topographic structures on submicron to micrometer scales with the embedding of a metallic element-rich functionalized layer at the surface for a variety of scientific and technological applications. The self-organizing and complex patterns of functionalized topographic structures are highly dependent on the implanted metal ion species, variations in the geometric confinement of the buckled areas on the larger unmodified elastomer film, and the boundary conditions of the buckled regions. Systematic investigations of these dependencies have been carried out via optical and atomic force microscopy, and confirmed with cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy. © 2010, Materials Research Society
Buckling, Transmission electron microscopy, Ion implantation, Topography, Elastomers, Atomic force microscopy
Winton, B., Ionescu, M., & Dou, S. X. (2010). Control of time-dependent buckling patterns in thin confined elastomer film. Journal of Materials Research, 25(10), 1929-1935. doi:10.1557/JMR.2010.0263