Impact of pasteurization on the self-assembly of human milk lipids during digestion

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Human milk is critical for the survival and development of infants. This source of nutrition contains components that protect against infections while stimulating immune maturation. In cases where the mother's own milk is unavailable, pasteurized donor milk is the preferred option. Although pasteurization has been shown to have minimal impact on the lipid and FA composition before digestion, no correlation has been made between the impact of pasteurization on the FFA composition and the self-assembly of lipids during digestion, which could act as delivery mechanisms for poorly water-soluble components. Pooled nonpasteurized and pasteurized human milk from a single donor was used in this study. The evolving FFA composition during digestion was determined using GC coupled to a flame ionization detector. In vitro digestion coupled to small-angle X-ray scattering was utilized to investigate the influence of different calcium levels, fat content, and the presence of bile salts on the extent of digestion and structural behavior of human milk lipids. Almost complete digestion was achieved when bile salts were added to the systems containing high calcium to milk fat ratio, with similar structural behavior of lipids during digestion of both types of human milk being apparent. In contrast, differences in the colloidal structures were formed during digestion in the absence of bile salt because of a greater amount of FFAs being released from the nonpasteurized than pasteurized milks. This difference in FFAs released from both types of human milk could result in varying nutritional implications for infants. © 2022 The Authors. This is an open access article under the CC BY licence
Pasteurization, Mammary glands, Milk, Lactation, Digestion, Lipids, Nutrition, Calcium, Colloids, Bile, Salts, Carboxylic acids, Gas chromatography, Small angle scattering
Binte Abu Bakar, S. Y., Salim, M., Clulow, A. J., Hawley, A., Pelle, J., Geddes, D. T., Nicholas, K., R., & Boyd, B. J. (2022). Impact of pasteurization on the self-assembly of human milk lipids during digestion. Journal of Lipid Research, 63(5), 100183. doi:10.1016/j.jlr.2022.100183