Radiation test of rad-hard ICs for space applications

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Conventional Integrated Circuits (IC) are highly sensitive to radiation effects and can operate only in environments with a very low level of radiation. High radiation environments such as space need custom-designed ICs with dedicated radiation-hardened architectures. Our research is focused on the development and test of radiation-hardened ICs in nanoscale and ultra-low-power semiconductor technologies for high radiation environments such as in space and particle physics experiments. The University of Melbourne and Ansto developed a strategic collaboration to enable the ANSTO's heavy ion microprobe beamline for radiation test of custom-designed ICs for space applications. In our presentation, we provide an overview of our collaboration outcome and our roadmap for further developments in future. © 2021 The Authors
Integrated circuits, Radiation effects, Radiation hardness, Semiconductor devices, ANSTO, Experiment results
Shojaii, J., Pastuovic, Z., & Tan, R., (2021). Radiation test of rad-hard ICs for space applications. Presentation to the ANSTO User Meeting, Online, 24-26 November 2021. Retrieved from: https://events01.synchrotron.org.au/event/146/contributions/4381/contribution.pdf