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Title: Pressure-induced superconductivity in the iron-based ladder material BaFe2S3
Authors: Takahashi, H
Sugimoto, A
Nambu, Y
Yamauchi, T
Hirata, Y
Kawakami, T
Avdeev, M
Matsubayashi, K
Du, F
Kawashima, C
Soeda, H
Nakano, S
Uwatoko, Y
Ueda, Y
Sato, TJ
Ohgushi, K
Keywords: Superconductors
Transition elements
Crystal structure
Crystal lattices
Phase transformations
Issue Date: 20-Jul-2015
Publisher: Springer Nature
Citation: Takahashi, H., Sugimoto, A., Nambu, Y., Yamauchi, T., Hirata, Y., Kawakami, T., Avdeev, M., Matsubayashi, K., Du, F., Kawashima, C., Soeda, H., Nakano, S., Uwatoko, Y., Ueda, Y., Sato, T. J., & Ohgushi, K. (2015). Pressure-induced superconductivity in the iron-based ladder material BaFe2S3. Nature Materials 14, 1008–1012. doi:10.1038/nmat4351
Abstract: All the iron-based superconductors identified so far share a square lattice composed of Fe atoms as a common feature, despite having different crystal structures. In copper-based materials, the superconducting phase emerges not only in square-lattice structures but also in ladder structures. Yet iron-based superconductors without a square-lattice motif have not been found, despite being actively sought out. Here, we report the discovery of pressure-induced superconductivity in the iron-based spin-ladder material BaFe2S3, a Mott insulator with striped-type magnetic ordering below ∼120 K. On the application of pressure this compound exhibits a metal–insulator transition at about 11 GPa, followed by the appearance of superconductivity below Tc = 14 K, right after the onset of the metallic phase. Our findings indicate that iron-based ladder compounds represent promising material platforms, in particular for studying the fundamentals of iron-based superconductivity. © 2015, Nature Publishing Group
ISSN: 1476-4660
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