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Title: Modern and historical engineering components investigated by neutron diffractionon ENGIN-X
Authors: Paradowska, AM
Tremsin, A
Kelleher, JF
Zhang, SY
Paddea, S
Burca, G
James, JA
Ahmed, R
Faisal, NH
Festa, G
Andreani, C
Civita, F
Bouchard, PJ
Krockelman, W
Fitzpatrick, ME
Grazzi, F
Keywords: Neutron diffraction
Heat treatments
Residual stresses
Nondestructive testing
Issue Date: 29-Jun-2012
Publisher: Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Citation: Paradowska, A. M., Tremsin, A., Kelleher, J. F., Zhang, S. Y., Paddea, S., Burca, G., James, J. A., Ahmed, R., Faisal, N. H., Grazzi, F., Festa, G., Andreani, C., Civita, F., Bouchard, P. J., Kockelman, W., & Fitzpatrick, M. E. (2012). Modern and historical engineering components investigated by neutron diffraction on ENGIN-X. Journal of Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering, 6(6), 408-418. doi:10.1299/jmmp.6.408
Abstract: The ENGIN-X beamline is mainly used to determine residual strains/stresses deep within the interior of bulk engineering components. It is mainly used by scientists and engineers for the development of modern engineering processes and structural integrity investigations. ENGIN-X diffraction and transmission mode can be a very useful tool to measure strain, phase transitions, texture and material composition in spatial resolution in historical or archaeological artifacts and modern materials. The complexity of the shapes and sizes of the samples measured on ENGIN-X varies significantly between experiments, and this required the development of better planning, simulation and control software, SScanSS. In this paper an overview of recent developments in strain scanning on ENGIN-X and a highlight of current scientific research are presented. © 2012 The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
Gov't Doc #: 9515
ISSN: 1880-9871
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