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Title: Dose modelling comparison for terrestrial biota: IAEA EMRAS II Biota Working Group's Little Forest Burial Ground scenario
Authors: Johansen, MP
Barnett, CL
Beresford, NA
Brown, JE
Černe, M
Hosward, BJ
Kamboj, S
Keum, DK
Smodiš, B
Twining, JR
Vandenhove, H
Vives i Batle, J
Wood, MD
Yu, C
Keywords: ANSTO
Terrestrial ecosystems
Dose rates
Radiation effects
Issue Date: 19-Jun-2011
Publisher: International Union of Radioecology
Citation: Johansen, M. P., Barnett, C. L., Beresford, N. A, Brown, J. E., Černe, M., Howard, B. J., Kamboj, S., Keum, D. K., Smodiš, B., Twining, J. R., Vandenhove, H., Vives i Batlle, J., Wood, M. D., & Yu, C. (2011) Dose modelling comparison for terrestrial biota: IAEA EMRAS II Biota Working Group's Little Forest Burial Ground scenario. [Lecture] In: Radioecology & Environmental Radioactivity - Environment & Nuclear Renaissance, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 19-24 June 2011. Hamilton, Ontario, McMaster University.
Abstract: Radiological doses to terrestrial biota have been examined in a model inter-comparison study that emphasised the identification of factors causing variability in dose estimation. Radiological dose rates were modelled for ten species representing a diverse range of terrestrial plant and animals with varying behavioural and physical attributes. Dose to these organisms may occur from a range of gamma (Co-60, Cs-137), beta (Sr-90) and alpha (Th-232, U-234 and U-238, Pu-238, Pu-239/240 and Am-241) emitting radionuclides. Whilst the study was based on a specific site - the Little Forest Burial Ground, New South Wales, and Australia - it was intended to be representative of conditions at sites throughout the world where low levels of radionuclides exist in soil due to waste disposal or similar activities.
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