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Title: Biogeography of kwongan: origins, diversity, endemism and vegetation patterns
Authors: Mucina, L
Laliberté, E
Thiele, K
Dodson, JR
Harvey, J
Keywords: Geography
Biological evolution
Western Australia
Species diversity
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2014
Publisher: The University of Western Australia Publishing
Citation: Mucina, L., Laliberté, E., Thiele, K., Dodson, J., & Harvey, J. (2014). Biogeography of Kwongan: origins, diversity, endemism and vegetation patterns. In H. Lambers (Ed.), Plant Life on the Sandplains in Southwest Australia: A global biodiversity hotspot (pp. 35-80). Australia: The University of Western Australia Publishing.
Abstract: Plant Life on the Sandplains in Southwest Australia is an entirely new venture and is not an update of the earlier book on a similar topic edited and produced some thirty years ago by John Beard and myself. Firstly, it embraces a far broader range of topics, themes and conceptual issues, and features chapters on plant–animal interactions, conservation, phylogenetics and Aboriginal use of plants. Secondly, it employs almost three times the number of authors, including several new postgraduate and early-career scientists and, serendipitously, only a few of the old brigade commissioned for the earlier book! Thirdly, it covers a wide variety of approaches, methodologies and techniques, proving how well the contributors are using those state-of-the art tools which are so integral to current biological research. Finally, the standard of presentation of visual material and the ‘reader-friendly’ approach is exemplary. Without doubt, the authors and publishers have taken full advantage of the extraordinary escalation in publishing techniques over the past few decades.
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