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Title: Biogeography of kwongan: origins, diversity, endemism and vegetation patterns
Authors: Mucina, L
Laliberté, E
Thiele, K
Dodson, J
Harvey, J
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2014
Publisher: Research Gate
Citation: Mucina, L., Laliberté, E., Thiele, K., Dodson, J., & Harvey, J. (2014). Biogeography of Kwongan: Origins, Diversity, Endemism and Vegetation patterns. In H. Lambers (Ed.), Plant Life on the Sandplains in Southwest Australia: A global biodiversity hotspot (pp. 35-80). Australia UWA Publishing.
Abstract: BIOGEOGRAPHY IS THE SCIENCE OF patterns of distribution of organisms, and processes shaping these patterns. Geographic distribution of genes falls within the realm of biogeography and major progress in this direction enhanced the emergence of phylogeography (Avise, 2000). 󰀀e study of patterns of distribution of plant clades (as defined by molecular phylogenetic studies) and the evolutionary processes underpinning these patterns has led to the establishment of phylogenetic geography: developing and testing sets of hypotheses and methodical approaches and tools. 󰀀e phylogeography and to a small extent the geographic patterns of the distributions of plant clades in kwongan are discussed in chapter 3.
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