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Title: The calculation of angular neutron spectra from the thick target Li(p,n) source.
Authors: Rainbow, MT
Ritchie, AIM
Sullivan, L
Keywords: Neutron spectra
Neutron beams
Lithium 7 target
Issue Date: Oct-1977
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Proton reactions
Rainbow, M. T., Ritchie, A. I. M., & Sullivan, L, (1977). The calculation of angular neutron spectra from the thick target Li(p,n) source (AAEC/E424). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: Neutron energy spectrum of the thick target Li(p,n) source is well suited to neutronics experiments on fast reactors. In such applications the angular distribution of the source energy spectrum is required in a form suitable for reactor calculations. A method is described of using various experimental and theoretical estimates of the angular cross section of the Li(p,n) reaction to estimate the angular yield from a thick target in a form suitable for reactor calculations. The problem is discussed of determining the integration limits for angle integrated quantities appropriate to particular values of incident proton energy and target thickness. The resulting calculational techniques have been incorporated in a computer code LIPNA written for an IBM360/65. An ancillary, interactive program, written for a NOVA computer, prepares the input data for LIPNA, obviating the need for the occasional user to remember details of the code input requirements.
Gov't Doc #: 651
ISBN: 0642596301
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