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Title: Ultrastructure changes produced by the action of uranyl acetate on the human erythrocyte in vitro.
Authors: Wyatt, JH
Issue Date: Jun-1975
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: Human erythrocytes exposed in vitro to low concentrations of uranyl ions are immediately changed in shape to stomatocytes. Electron microscope examination demonstrates that cellular damage is confined to the plasma membrane. Endocytosis of the cell membrane produces groups of inside out membrane-lined vesicles within the cell; lipid from the membrane enters the cell, giving rise to intracellular myelin figures, and breaks are seen in the cell membrane. The degree and type of change is shown to be a dose-dependent phenomenon. It is proposed that the lipid fraction of the cell membrane is the primary target for damage by uranyl ions.
Gov't Doc #: 562
ISBN: 0642996741
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