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Title: Preparation of PZC based 99m TC generator to be available for clinic for clinical application
Authors: Le, VS
Keywords: Extraction columns
Molybdenum 99
Radioisotope generators
Nuclear medicine
Zirconium compounds
Issue Date: 4-Oct-2004
Publisher: IAEA’s coordinated research project first research coordination meeting
Citation: Le, V.S. (2004). Preparation of PZC based 99m TC generator to be available for clinical application. IAEA’s coordinated research project first research coordination meeting. "Development of generator technologies for therapeutic radionuclides." 4th-8th October 2004.Vienna, Austria.
Abstract: The performance of PZC was investigated for chromatographic Tc-99m generator preparation. Mo-adsorption of PZC in different Mo-solutions and Tc-99m elution of 99Mo-PZC column were studied. Mo- adsorption capacity of higher than 250mgMo/gPZC and Tc-99m elution yield of higher than 80% were achieved with PZC adsorbent. Mo-99 breakthrough of 0.02% and Molybdenum element breakthrough of around 5µg Mo/ml were found in Tc-99m eluate. A good relationship between the Mo-content of adsorption solution and the Mo-adsorption capacity, adsorption percentage, Mo-breakthrough and Tc-99m elution yield was found. The column pre-loading procedure for the preparation of PZC based chromatographic Tc-99m generators were described in detail .
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