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Title: Development of 68Ga generator at ANSTO
Authors: Le, VS
Izard, M
Pellegrini, PA
Zaw, M
Keywords: Radioisotope generators
Gallium 68
Issue Date: 23-Jun-2011
Publisher: Medknow Publications
Citation: Le V.S., Izard M., Pellegrini P., Zaw M. (2011). Development of 68Ga generator at ANSTO. 1st World Congress on Ga-68 and Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy, THERANOSTICS, 23th -26th June 2011. Bad Berka, Germany. In World Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Abstracts of Poster Presentations (Chemistry), 10(1), 73-89, P-023.
Abstract: A 68 Ge/ 68 Ga generator combined with automated 68 Ga eluate purification unit was developed to produce 68 Ga solution suitable for labelling peptide ligands for PET radiopharmaceutical applications. The sorbent of a Ti-Zr ceramic structure [1] was used as a generator column packing material. 68 Ga eluate of around 5 mL volume in 0.1 M HCl solution was purified on a small cation exchanger column with an aqueous alcohol solution mixture of hydrochloric acid, ascorbic acids and halide salts. An alkali solution was used for elution of 68 Ga from the ion exchange resin column to obtain a purified 68 Ga solution which is conditioned with acidic solutions to obtain a final 68 Ga product of pH=3-4 in 0.75 mL 0.5 M NaCl or 0.5 M sodium acetate solution. The organic solvent free 68 Ga solution product of acidity suitable for coordination chemistry based labelling of the peptide ligands was successfully used for preparation of DOTATATE and DOTATOC PET radiopharmaceuticals. The process of 68 Ga elution from the generator followed by 68 Ga eluate purification was performed using a low-cost automation bench-top system. [2] This system is designed based on the timing sequence of seven processing steps without feedback control. The variable flow rate of eluents used for elution/purification in this system also ensure the optimisation of operating times with respect to different adsorption/ desorption kinetics of 68 Ga ion species, which is controlled by the sorbent and ion exchange resin used in the generator and purification columns. © 2011, Medknow publication
Gov't Doc #: 3561
ISSN: 1450-1147
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