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Title: Temperature and porosity dependence of the modulus of rigidity and Poisson's ratio of beryllia.
Authors: Kelly, JW
Whatham, JF
Issue Date: Aug-1967
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: Using torsional equipment designed for the task, the modulus of rigidity of isostatically pressed and sintered beryllia was determined as a function of temperature and porosity. The temperature dependance was given by: Gt = G20 (1-at), where Gt is the modulus at toC, G20 is the modulus at 20oC and a is a constant approx. 3 x 10-5 degC independent of porosity up to 800oC. Porosity dependance was given by: Gt = Go (1-bP), where Go is the modulus at zero porosity, P is the fractional volume porosity and b is a constant approx. 1.58 independent of temperature up to 800oC. Poisson's ratio was found to be 0.30 + 0.05 and was independent of both temperature and porosity.
Gov't Doc #: 154
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