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Title: Neutrons down-under: Australia's research reactor review
Authors: Murray, A
Keywords: Australia
Environmental impacts
HIFAR Reactor
Isotope production
Licensing regulations
Neutron flux
Reactor decommissioning
Issue Date: 23-May-1995
Publisher: International Group On Research Reactors
Citation: Murray, A. (1995). Neutrons down-under: Australia's research reactor review. Paper presented to the 4th meeting of the International Group On Research Reactors (IGORR 4), Gatlinburg TN, USA, 23-25 May 1995. Retrieved from:
Abstract: Australian Research Reactor Review commenced in September 1992. The Review had the following Terms of Reference: Whether, on review of the benefits and costs for scientific, commercial, industrial and national interest reasons, Australia has a need for a new reactor; a review of the present reactor, HIFAR, to include: an assessment of national and commercial benefits and costs of operations, its likely remaining useful life and its eventual closure and decommissioning; if Australia has a need for a new nuclear research reactor, the Review will consider: possible locations for a new reactor, its environmental impact at alternative locations, recommend a preferred location, and evaluate matters associated with regulation of the facility and organisational arrangements for reactor-based research. From the Review findings the following recommendations were stated: keep HIFAR going; commission a PRA to ascertain HIFAR's remaining life and refurbishment possibilities; identify and establish a HLW repository; accept that neither HIFAR nor a new reactor can be completely commercial; any decision on a new neutron source must rest primarily on benefits to science and Australia's national interest; make a decision on a new neutron source in about five years' time (1998). Design Proposals for a New Reactor are specified
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