OPAL Reactor commissioning and operations planning

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International Group On Research Reactors
ANSTO's new reactor facility, OPAL, is a multipurpose 20 MW open pool reactor fuelled by 16 low enriched uranium fuel assemblies. INVAP S.E., Argentina, and its Australian subcontractors are responsible for the design, construction and commissioning of the OPAL reactor. Concrete pouring commenced in November 2002 and Commissioning is scheduled to commence in late 2005. In order to support the commissioning process, a systematic inspection and testing program has been implemented to demonstrate the performance of all systems, particularly those with a safety function. Therefore, tests of the systems and components of the OPAL reactor are rigorously performed during the installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning stages. Testing is planned and organised in a logical sequence aimed to demonstrate individual system performance and subsequent integration with other plant systems. In particular, the Commissioning Stages involve a comprehensive series of system integration, fuel loading, power ascension and full power tests, in full accordance with IAEA recommendations. These tests are performed with the application of Commissioning Procedures as issued by INVAP and reviewed by ANSTO in order to ensure completeness and suitability. A Commissioning Plan defines and states the framework for all of the Commissioning activities and four specific plans (named as Stage A/B1/B2/C Specific Commissioning Plan) detail the individual stage. This paper provides a summary of the contents of these Plans and an overview of the operational arrangements that will be implemented in order to ensure safe and efficient commissioning of the OPAL Reactor as well as the further transition to Routine Operation arrangements.
OPAL Reactor, ANSTO, Reactor commissioning, Operation, Planning, Pool type reactors, Argentina, Australia
Vittorio, D., & De Lorenzo, N. (2005). OPAL Reactor commissioning and operations planning. Paper presented to TRTR-IGORR 2005, Joint Meeting of The National Organizations of Test, Research, and Training Reactors and The International Group on Research Reactors, Holiday Inn, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, September 12-16 2005. Retrieved from: https://www.igorr.com/Documents/2005-WASHINGTON/Vittorio%20-%20OPAL%20Commissioning%20and%20Operations%20Planning.pdf