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Title: EMU - high-resolution neutron backscattering spectroscopy at ANSTO
Authors: de Souza, NR
Keywords: ANSTO
Data processing
Measuring instruments
Research and test reactors
Water cooled reactors
OPAL Reactor
Issue Date: 6-Feb-2019
Publisher: Australian Institute of Physics
Citation: De Souza, N. (2019). EMU - high-resolution neutron backscattering spectroscopy at ANSTO. Paper presented to the 43rd Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 5th February - 8th February, 2019. (pp.19). Retrieved from:
Abstract: EMU, the high-resolution neutron spectrometer installed at the OPAL reactor, ANSTO delivers 1 𝜇eV FWHM energy transfer resolution for an accessible ±31 𝜇eV energy transfer range. The spectral resolution is achieved by neutron backscattering from Si (111) on the primary and second flight paths, which also determines the accessible 0.35 to 1.95 Å-1 momentum transfer range. Two years of user operation document strong demand for QENS characterization of microscopic diffusion processes in energy materials such as solid-state electrolytes, and increasingly in biorelated soft materials. Over the same time frame most experiments were carried out with standard cryo-furnaces (2 to 800 K temperature range). Spectrometer beam-time access is meritbased, thus welcoming experiments beyond the first two-year 'sample', and including experiments that may require other ancillary equipment such as (existing) controlled-gas delivery, pressure, applied fields, etc. Examples of the spectrometer capabilities will be shown, with an emphasis on QENS line shape and mean-square displacements analyses. Scientific support is presently focused on enabling data analysis of the collected data, and on the instrumental side reaching the design 0.1 Å-1 minimum momentum transfer range and growing signal-to-noise ratio beyond its current ∼1650:1 value.
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