Waste disposals at the Little Forest site - procedures, records and significant events

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
The Little Forest Legacy Site (LFLS) is a legacy trench site operated during the 1960s, which was used to dispose of low-level radioactive waste and other types of waste. The main objectives of this report are to: • Provide an overview of the waste disposal procedures followed at the Little Forest site, including the role of the burial ground store. • Describe the various types of relevant documents and how they are related. • Evaluate the extent to which the documents can be considered to be complete or accurate. • Highlight possible omissions and inconsistencies between documents. • Discuss individual waste types disposed at Little Forest. • Present a summary of significant events which relate to waste disposals and the inventory. • Review the potential relevance and availability of key pieces of additional information which may be missing, may have been previously overlooked, or may have been given inadequate attention. The comprehensive information in this report has been concisely summarised in the following paper by the same authors: Priority issues and key findings from evaluation of disposal records for a legacy radioactive waste site. Journal of Radiological Protection, Volume 41 (2), page S24, (2021). This paper provides an overview of the research and its major findings.
Radioactive wastes, Australia, Radioactive waste disposal, ANSTO, AAEC, Radioactive waste management, Radiation hazards, Ground disposal, Records management, Information, Public information, Underground disposal, Waste burial, HIFAR Reactor, Liquid wastes, Radionuclide migration, Radioecology, Environment
Payne, T. E., Shatwell, J., & Comarmond, M. J. (2022). Waste disposals at the Little Forest site - procedures, records and significant events. (ANSTO/E-788). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.