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Title: Synroc formulations for various high-level nuclear wastes
Authors: Vance, ER
Moricca, SA
Thorogood, GJ
Smith, KL
Keywords: Data processing
Electron microscopy
Radioactive wastes
Synroc process
Synthetic rocks
X-ray diffraction
Issue Date: 28-Apr-1991
Publisher: American Ceramic Society
Citation: Vance, E. R., Moricca, S., Thorogood, G. J., & Smith, K. L. (1991). Synroc formulations for various high-level nuclear wastes. Paper presented at the 93rd Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Ceramic Society; Cincinnati, Ohio (United States); 28 April - 2 May 1991. (pp. 144).
Abstract: Of the chemically resistant titanate phases comprising Synroc, perovskite is the least durable and adjustments to the Synroc formulation to reduce the amount of perovskite are under study. Results are described of experiments designed to reduce the perovskite level to < 5 wt%. A simulated waste loading of 20 wt% was used. Other Synroc formulations for high Al, high (Al + U), high (Na + Al + Fe + U) and actinide-rich waste have been calculated and tested experimentally via leaching, X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy.
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