The Chernobyl nuclear accident and its consequences

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Australian Atomic Energy Commission
An AAEC Task Group was set up shortly after the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant to monitor and evaluate initial reports and to assess the implications for Australia. The Task Group issued a preliminary report on 9 May 1986. On 25-29 August 1986, the USSR released details of the accident and its consequences and further information has become available from other sources notably the Nuclear Energy Agency of OECD and the World Health Organisation. The Task Group now presents a revised report summarising this information and commenting on the consequences from the Australian viewpoint.
Note ISBN is not printed in the book. A physical copy is held by ANSTO Library at DDC 363.1799094777/44(RSCA)
ANSTO, Australia, USSR, Ukraine, Reactor accidents, Reactor safety, Chernobylsk-4 Reactor, Power reactors, Reviews, Nuclear industry
Australian Atomic Energy Commission Task Group (1986). The Chernobyl nuclear accident and its consequences. Lucas Heights, NSW : Australian Atomic Energy Commission.