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Title: Radiation monitoring handbook for visits by nuclear powered warships to Australian ports
Authors: Holland, B
Keywords: Emergency plans
Nuclear ships visits
Numerical data
Radiation monitoring
Reactor accidents
Reactor safety
Safety standards
Issue Date: Aug-2005
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Citation: Holland, B. (2005). Radiation monitoring handbook for visits by nuclear powered warships to Australian ports. Safety Division, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation : Lucas Heights, NSW.
Abstract: The purpose of this handbook is to detail the Radiation Monitoring (RMG) roles and procedures, and to provide technical and background information useful to RMG personnel. It has been written on the assumption that all members of the RMG have had appropriate radiation safety (Health Physics) training. Separate standing procedures, for both routine and emergency activities, are required for each port. These are incorporated in Port Safety Plans and specify the routine monitoring requirements for individual berths or anchorages and the procedures to be followed after indication of a reactor accident to a nuclear powered warship. A Visit Operation Order, issued for each Nuclear Powered warships (NPW) visit, presents information specific to that visit. Routine monitoring is performed to confirm normal conditions. The objectives of emergency radiation monitoring are: to provide early detection of a reactor accident of sufficient severity to possibly cause a major release of fission products to the environment; to determine the nature and extent of any fission product release; to provide information to assist in evaluating the accident; to assess the need and extent of required countermeasures; and to determine when the release has terminated and when affected areas have returned to normal.
Description: Version 2.0
ISBN: 1920797086
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