A report to NERDDP on project no. 1319 entitled : description of synroc durability: kinetics and mechanisms of reaction

This is the technical report to NERDDP on Project 1313, "Description of Synroc Durability: Kinetics and Mechanisms of Reaction". Many physical and chemical processes occur, slightly and concurrently, when Synroc is exposed to leachants. A few of these include: * ion-exchange between Synroc and the leachant; * dissolution of some primary phases; * formation of colloids; * precipitation of secondary phases. All of these processes (and others) affect the durability of Synroc. Consequently, it has been necessary to apply an armoury of techniques, to unravel the various processes and their effects. Techniques used include: * solution analysis by inductivity coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP/MS) and inductivity coupled plasma optional emission spectroscopy (ICP/OES); * scanning and analytical transmissions electron microscopy (SEM and AEM respectively); * X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and Auger spectroscopy. We have matched or exceeded all the sub-objectives agreed to and funded by NERDDP in 1989/90. Furthermore we have begun to integrate the information generated under the auspices of the grant as well as information subsequently collected, into a comprehensive model. The information contained within the bulk of this report can be broken down into areas which relate to the sub-objectives of the project.
3 volumes - Physical copy held by ANSTO library DDC 621.4838/276(RSCA) - viewable in ANSTO Library (not for loan)
Synthetic rocks, Leaching, Ion exchange, Colloids, Mass spectroscopy, Transmission electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Jostsons, A., Smith, K. L., Blackford, M. G., Hart, K. P., Lumpkin, G. R., McGlinn, P., Myhra, S., Netting, A., Pham, D. K., Smart, R. St. C., & Turner, P. S. 1990). A report to NERDDP on project no. 1319 entitled description of synroc durability : kinetics and mechanisms of reaction. Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Lucas Heights Research Laboratories : Menai, N.S.W.]