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Title: SIKA - a new triple-axis-spectrometer for cold neutrons
Authors: Li, WH
Yang, CC
Vorderwisch, P
Keywords: Spectrometers
Cold neutrons
OPAL Reactor
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2006
Publisher: Australian Institute of Physics
Citation: Li, W.-H., Yang, C.-C., & Vorderwisch, P. (2006). SIKA - a new triple-axis-spectrometer for cold neutrons. Poster presented at the Australian Institute of Physics 17th National Congress 2006, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane Australia, Sunday 3 - Friday 8 December 2006. Retrieved from:
Abstract: The new OPAL reactor at ANSTO will be among the world-top research reactors equipped with a cold neutron source. A cold-neutron triple-axis-spectrometer named SIKA, designed and to be operated by a research team from Taiwan, will extend the day-one instrumentation at OPAL especially for measurements of low-energy excitations in single crystals (phonon or magnon dispersion relations) or, in an elastic mode, of weak superstructure reflections. Modern applications of such a spectrometer are magnetic-field driven quantum-phase transitions and magnetic-field induced ordering phenomena in high TC superconductors. Whereas a high resolution of such a spectrometer is inherently given by the use of cold neutrons, a high intensity of measured signals will be obtained using focusing methods. An option to work with polarised neutrons will also be available. We describe the conceptual design of SIKA and its expected performance, both based on MonteCarlo simulations using the codes McStas and MCNP. Finally we compare SIKA with other state-of-the-art cold-neutron triple-axis-spectrometers.
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