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Title: β-Mn: emergent simplicity in a complex structure
Authors: Paddison, JAM
Stewart, JR
Manuel, P
Courtois, P
McIntyre, GJ
Rainford, BD
Goodwin, AL
Keywords: Electrons
Neutron diffraction
Monte Carlo Method
Magnetic properties
Crystal structure
Temperature range 0065-0273 K
Issue Date: 4-Feb-2013
Publisher: Cornell University
Citation: Paddison, J. A. M., Stewart, J. R., Manuel, P., Courtois, P., McIntyre, G. J., Rainford, B. D., & Goodwin, A. L. (2013). β-Mn: emergent simplicity in a complex structure. arXiv preprint arXiv:1302.0833.
Abstract: We investigate low-temperature spin correlations in the metallic frustrated magnet β-MnCo. Single-crystal polarised-neutron scattering experiments reveal the persistence of highly-structured magnetic diffuse scattering and the absence of periodic magnetic order to T = 0.05 K. We employ reverse Monte Carlo refinements and mean-field theory simulations to construct a simple effective Hamiltonian which accounts for the magnetic scattering. The interactions we identify describe an emergent spin structure which mimics the triangular lattice antiferromagnet. The observation of a simple collective magnetic state in a complicated crystal structure is surprising because it reverses the established paradigm of elaborate emergent states arising from many-body interactions on simple lattices. We suggest that structural complexity may provide a route to realising new states of correlated quantum matter.
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