Electronic and magnetic properties of thin Fe films on Pd(001)

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Australian Institute of Physics
We have studied the electronic and magnetic properties of thin Fe film on Pd(001) with the techniques of Angle-Resolved Photoemission and Magnetic Linear Dichroism in Angular Distributions of the photoelectrons. The angle-resolved photoemission spectra of thin Fe films (1-3 ML) on Pd (001) substrate were measured with incident photon energy of 22 eV to 70 eV. The asymmetry function with respect to the magnetisation directions of the sample was also measured with linear polarised light. The 3d-4d hybridisation was studied through the induced polarisation observed in the angular distribution of photoelectrons from Pd. © 2005 Australian Institute of Physics
Distribution, Elementary particles, Emission, Films, Massless particles, Metals, Physical properties, Platinum metals, Secondary emission, Transition elements, Photons
Yu, D. H., Senoo, T., Kakizaki, A., & Hayashi, K. (2005). Electronic and Magnetic properties of thin Fe films on Pd(001). Paper presented to the 29th Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, "Australian Institute of Physics Sixteenth Biennial Congress", Canberra, 2005, 31 January - 4 February 2005.