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Title: Incommensurate magnetic order in PrNiAl4
Authors: White, RD
Hutchison, WD
Avdeev, M
Nishimura, K
Keywords: Neutron diffraction
Phase studies
Intermetallic compounds
Crystal structure
Magnetic moments
Magnetic properties
Order parameters
Issue Date: 2-Feb-2016
Publisher: Australian and New Zealand Institutes of Physics
Citation: White, R., Hutchison, W.D., Avdeev, M, & Nishimura, K. (2016). Incommensurate magnetic order in PrNiAl4. Paper presented at 40th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2 – 5 February, 2016. In 40th annual condensed matter and materials meeting Conference handbook, (p. 148). Australia. Retrieved from:
Abstract: The RNiAl4 intermetallic series (where R = Ln3+) has been the subject of much investigation over a number of years. These compounds are known to possess some interesting magnetic behaviours including multiple magnetic phases and metamagnetism. TbNiAl4, ErNiAl4 and NdNiAl4 are all known to have incommensurate magnetic structures determined from neutron diffraction, whereas the presence of an incommensurate magnetic phase in PrNiAl4 is more tentative, based only on specific heat and magnetisation measurements. Recent neutron powder diffraction experiments have confirmed the presence of this incommensurate magnetic phase at 7 K and 7.5 K, well within the range of 6.9-8.1 K predicted by the specific heat data. Analysis of the diffraction patterns puts the propagation vector of the magnetic phase at k = (0.071(1), 1, 0), with the magnetic moments pointing along the a-axis.
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