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Title: Characterization of nano sized microstructures in Ni base ODS alloys using SANS and SAXS
Authors: Han, YS
Jang, J
Sokolova, AV
Keywords: Neutron diffraction
X-ray diffraction
Mechanical properties
Small angle scattering
Issue Date: 12-Jul-2017
Publisher: International Conference on Neutron Scattering
Citation: Han, Y.-S., Jang, J., Sokolova, A. (2017). Characterization of nano sized microstructures in Ni base ODS alloys using SANS and SAXS. Paper presented at ICNS 2017 (International Conference on Neutron Scattering), Daejeon, South Korea, 9 to 13 July 2017. Retrieved from:
Abstract: The effects of thermo-mechanical treatment on microstructure of Ni base ODS(Oxide Dispersion Strengthened)alloys for future nuclear application were studied by SANS(Small Angle Neutron Scattering) and SAXS(Small Angle X-ray Scattering). Ni base ODS alloys were manufactured by MA(Mechanical Alloying) and hot extrusion process. The SANS experiments were performed by the 40 meter SANS instrument at HANARO and the Bilby SANS instrument at ANSTO. The SAXS experiments were performed by 9A SAXS beam line at Pohang Light Source. The existing phases were identified by the electron microscope and the X-ray diffractometer. The tensile test for the ODS alloys was performed at room temperature and 700?. The nano sized microstructures such as yttrium oxides, gamma prime phase and carbides were quantitatively analyzed by SANS. Based on the difference of the SANS and SAXS intensity in absolute units, the alloy contrast variation (ACV) method were used to determine the type of nano-sized precipitates. The relationship between microstructures and mechanical properties were analyzed and the effects of thermomechanical treatments on microstructure was discussed according to the quantitative microstructural analysis results by SANS and SAXS.
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