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Title: First-order magnetic phase transition in TmGa
Authors: Cadogan, JM
Avdeev, M
Keywords: Gallium alloys
Intermetallic compounds
Neutron diffraction
Phase transformations
Magnetic moments
Moessbauer effect
Thermal analysis
Temperature dependence
Issue Date: 6-Feb-2015
Publisher: Australian Institute of Physics
Citation: Cadogan, J. M., & Avdeev, M. (2015). First-order magnetic phase transition in TmGa. Paper presented at 39th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 3 – 6 February 2015. Retrieved from:
Abstract: In a recent paper we determined the magnetic structure of the intermetallic compound TmGa using a combination of neutron diffraction and 169Tm Mössbauer spectroscopy. This compound shows two magnetic ‘events’ in its ac-susceptibility, at 15(1) K and 12(1) K. The upper transition is to an incommensurate antiferromagnetic structure which gives way to a dominant ferromagnetic structure at the lower transition. However, the Mössbauer results suggested that the 12 K transition is in fact first-order. In order to resolve this question, we have carried out a high-resolution, neutron diffraction thermal scan around these magnetic ordering events and we have observed clear thermal hysteresis in the behaviour of the magnetic scattering intensity. The observation of such hysteresis confirms our earlier suggestion of a first-order magnetic ordering in TmGa.
ISBN: 978-0-646-59459-0
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