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Title: Structural studies of SrTcO3, CaTcO3, and Pb2Tc2O7-d
Authors: Thorogood, GJ
Kennedy, BJ
Avdeev, M
Ting, J
Zhang, Z
Carter, ML
Keywords: Technetium oxides
Orthorhombic lattices
Technetium compounds
Magnetic properties
Issue Date: 22-Aug-2011
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
Citation: Thorogood, G. J., Kennedy, B. J., Avdeev, M., Ting, J., Zhang, Z., & Carter, M. L. (2011). Structural studies of SrTcO3, CaTcO3, and Pb2Tc2O7-d. Presented at XXII IUCr Congress, Madrid, Spain, 22-30 August 2011. In Acta Crystallographica Section A Foundations and advances, A67, C603-C604. doi:10.1107/S0108767311084716
Abstract: Little is known regarding the structure and properties of technetium oxides. This is mainly due to the absence of any naturally occurring Tc isotopes and the radioactivity of those available [1]. Tc oxides are important since 99Tc is found in nuclear waste and has a long half-life (2.13 × 105 yr). Tc is a 4d element, and like its lighter analogue Mn a 3d element it can adopt a number of oxidation states. 3d oxides are generally, but not always magnetic, while 4d and 5d oxides, with their more spatially extended d-orbitals tend not to be magnetic although SrRuO3 [2] is a notable exception. Here we have combined synchrotron X-ray and neutron diffraction to examine the structure of CaTcO3, SrTcO3 and Pb2Tc2O7-d. The only previous report on these materials was by Muller, White and Roy in 1964 [3]. They reported the existence of these materials and suggested the CaTcO3 and SrTcO3 were orthorhombic whereas the Pb2Tc2O7-d was reported as being pyrochlore. This earlier work concentrated on syn-thesis hence little is known about these three compounds and there has been no study of their structures or magnetic properties. © International Union of Crystallography
ISSN: 2053-2733
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