Eight years in the life of ECHIDNA

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Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering
It has been eight years since the ECHIDNA instrument was open to users. Since then, more than 500 proposals have been completed on the instrument and more than 250 papers published as a result. In addition to scientific output, the accumulated experience of running ECHIDNA also provides interesting insights into its capabilities and usage. We will present statistics of various aspects of user experiments (including counting time distribution, instrument configuration and sample environment usage), examples of pushing the instrument limits (for example smallest samples, most absorbing materials, weakest magnetic moments), and an overview of research done on the instrument and in the ECHIDNA user community.
ANSTO, Australia, Experiment results, Measuring instruments, Neutron beams, Neutron diffraction, Research programs, Reviews, Scattering
Avdeev, M., & Hester, J. (2016). Eight years in the life of ECHIDNA. Paper presented at 13th AINSE-ANBUG Neutron Scattering Symposium, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 29-30 November 2016.