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Title: Antiferromagnetism weakening with Y-substitution in the TbRhIn5 intermetallic system
Authors: Amaral, RP
Lora-Serrano, R
Garcia, DJ
Betancourth, D
Cadogan, JM
Muñoz-Pérez, S
Cobas-Acosta, R
Avdeev, M
Bittar, EM
Duque, JGS
Pagliuso, PG
Keywords: Electrons
Temperature dependence
Specific heat
Magnetic susceptibility
Intermetallic compounds
Terbium alloys
Rhodium alloys
Indium alloys
Neutron diffraction
Magnetic moments
Issue Date: 31-Aug-2017
Publisher: arXivLabs
Citation: Amaral, R. P., Lora-Serrano, R., Garcia, D. J., Betancourth, D., Cadogan, J. M., Muñoz-Pérez, S., Cobas-Acosta, R., Avdeev, M., Bittar, E. M., Duque, J. G. S., & Pagliuso, P. G. (2017). Antiferromagnetism weakening with Y-substitution in the TbRhIn5 intermetallic system. Condensed Matter, arXiv:1709.00063. Retrieved from
Abstract: We report measurements of the temperature dependence specific heat, magnetic susceptibility in single crystals of the series of intermetallic compounds Tb1−xYxRhIn5 (nominal concentrations x=0.15,0.30,0.40,0.50 and 0.70). A mean field approximation to simulate the macroscopic properties along the series has been used. Neutron diffraction data in powdered sample of nominal concentration Tb0.6Y0.4RhIn5 reveal AFM propagation vector k=[12 0 12] with the magnetic moments oriented close to the tetragonal \textit{c} axis. We discuss the role of combined effects of crystalline electric field (CEF) perturbations and dilution in the magnetic properties evolution with Y content. In particular, we suggest that changes in the Tb-In first neighbors distances, i.e. the TbIn3 cuboctahedra distortion, are responsible for changes in the Tb crystalline potential and the possible reorientation of Tb magnetic moments for x>0.4. This reflects non negligible variations of the Bmn crystal field parameters and the energy levels splitting with \textit{x}. CC BY: Creative Commons Attribution
ISSN: 2410-3896
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