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Title: Experimental observation and computational study of the spin-gap excitation in Ba3BiRu2O9
Authors: Ling, CD
Huang, Z
Kennedy, BJ
Rols, S
Johnson, MR
Zbiri, M
Kimber, SAJ
Hudspeth, J
Adroja, DT
Rule, KC
Avdeev, M
Blanchard, PER
Keywords: Neutron diffraction
Absorption spectroscopy
X-ray diifraction
Antiferromagnetic materials
Temperature range 0065-0273 K
Inelastic scattering
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2016
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Ling, C. D., Huang, Z., Kennedy, B. J., Rols, S., Johnson, M. R., Zbiri, M., Kimber, S. A. J, Hudspeth, J., Adroja, D. T., Rule, K. C., Avdeev, M., & Blanchard, P. E. R. (2016). Experimental observation and computational study of the spin-gap excitation in Ba 3 BiRu2O9. Physical Review B, 94(17), 174401. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.94.174401
Abstract: Ba3BiRu2O9 is a 6H-type perovskite compound containing face-sharing octahedral M2O9 (M=Ir, Ru) dimers, which are magnetically frustrated at low temperatures. On cooling through T∗=176 K, it undergoes a pronounced magnetostructural transition, which is not accompanied by any change in space group symmetry, long-range magnetic ordering, or charge ordering. Here, we report the first direct evidence from inelastic neutron scattering that this transition is due to an opening of a gap in the excitation spectra of dimers of low-spin Ru4+ (S=1) ions. X-ray absorption spectroscopy reveals a change in Ru-Ru orbital overlap at T∗, linking the emergence of this spin-gap excitation to the magnetostructural transition. Ab initio calculations point to a geometrically frustrated magnetic ground state due to antiferromagnetic interdimer exchange on a triangular Ru2O9 dimer lattice. X-ray total-scattering data rule out long-range magnetic ordering at low temperatures, consistent with this geometrically frustrated model. ©2016 American Physical Society
ISSN: 2469-9969
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